Bee Removal Today in Canyon Lake

Today’s bee removal was pretty standard. Here are the steps and pictures.

Step 1: Locate the Bee Hive

These bees were in the outer wall of an upstairs balcony. I was able to pinpoint the hive location in the wall.

Location of bee hive in the wall

Bee hive has been located in the wall

Step 2: Make the Cut

Cut plaster to removee bee hive

A cut is made in the plaster to access the bee hive for removal.

Step 3: Open the Bee Hive

bee hive located in the wall

Bee hive in wall for removal.

Step 4: Remove Bee Wax Comb and Prepare for Repair.

Bee hive location ready for repair.

Step 5: Patch the Plaster

Bee hive removal complete and ready for paint.

Do you have a similar problem? I would love to do the same quality work for you!