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bee hive in an attic

Bee hive in an attic

Choose Guaranteed Bee Removal to solve the problem with bees in your home, business or property. We understand bees and how to make sure they won’t come back to your place! This is why we can, guarantee our work for THREE YEARS!

We utilize LIVE bee removal without the use of toxic and harmful chemicals. Bees are relocated to our apiary where they can continue producing honey and pollenating flowers without damaging your property!

Guaranteed Bee Removal provides a COMPLETE service. We locate your bees, remove them, AND most importantly, we also repair the opening created to access the hive. This is important because in many cases the cost of the repair alone would be more than what we charge for the whole job!

“Thank you so much for the great job! I can use my pool and back yard again!&#8221 -Anthony


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Honey bees look for several things when choosing a home. They are looking for an enclosed void with a small opening. Modern construction leaves lots of these spaces in houses in the attic, pillars, gables, and other features. We ususally access the hive through the roof or sheetrock.


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It is important to remove all the comb and honey. If not, it becomes a magnet for bees to re-inhabit the space in the future. We do not recommend killing and sealing the bees inside. This may lead to a wax moth infestation and an ant problem like you’ve never seen!!


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Under those tiles is our “secret sauce!” We’ve developed a couple techniques to ensure bees cannot re-inhabit the same space. This is why we can GUARANTEE our work!