Bee Removal Costs

Get it right the first time!

There are three basic categories of bee removal and costs as seen below. Our prices are comparable or less than what one would expect to pay for a bee hive to be killed and removed, however we remove bees LIVE and rescue them to our honey farm.

Swarm Capture
We capture a swarm of bees that are hanging on a tree, wall, roof, car, etc. Bees are relocated LIVE to our bee yard and placed in a regular bee box.$150

Cut-out Bee Hive Removal

  • Onsite inspection and location of the bee hive.
  • Open the hive–usually by cutting into the space where the bees are located.
  • Remove bees, wax comb, brood and honey.
  • Treat the space so bees will not re-inhabit the space.
  • Repair the opening made to access the bees.
  • Guarantee that bees will not return.

Demolition Removal
Bees removal without repair and only a 3 month guarantee.
This situation fits best bees removal from:

  • Shed
  • Dog house
  • Pump house
  • Water meter box
  • Hot tub
  • Tree or stump

If your situation doesn’t fit one of these categories, please call. We are happy to work out a solution to you bee problems!