About Me


My name is Kevin Page and I am you bee removal specialist.

For many years I worked in building maintenance for commercial and residential units. I’ve just about seen it all. Also, for years I have kept bees at my home. Now you have the advantage of utilizing my experience in building repair, plus my knowledge of bees to resolve you bee problems.

Here is my commitment to you:

  • I will work to ensure your satisfaction.
  • I will provide a quality job at an affordable price.
  • If things are more difficult than I expect, I will stick with the problem until it is resolved.


As of Spring, 2014 I have retired from the bee removal business largely due to the success of a couple other businesses I have been developing.  If you need some advice about a bee hive, I can chat with you on the phone, but I’m not going to be able to come out and do the removal.

I am keeping my website in place in case one of my customers needs to find me and there is good information here people might find useful.

You can reach me by visiting my other website: www.FanInstaller.com.